F. W. Boreham, pastor in New Zealand & Australia, author of thousands of biographical articles and about a thousand devotional sermons.

Boreham’s unique blend of story and sermon made one of his compatriots say, “his books are on all our shelves, his name is on all our lips, and his illustrations are in all our sermons.” Sixteen of his books are in our catalogue.

Oswald Chambers, chaplain to WWI soldiers in Egypt, author of numerous devotional books.

Chambers’ dense and thought-provoking style has made his book My Utmost for His Highest the best-selling devotional book of the 20th century.

Herbert Lockyer, pastor in the UK and the USA, author of the All series.

Lockyer was an able Bible scholar who focused much of his career on producing thorough study helps for other students of Scripture. Pioneer Library has published seven of his many books.

Joseph Parker, author of The People’s Bible (26 volumes), pastor of City Temple, London.

Alexander Whyte called him “the ablest man now standing in the English-speaking pulpit,” and Joseph Cook dubbed him “the foremost preacher in Europe.” Pioneer Library has put more than 1200 of his sermons back into publication.

Alan Redpath, British evangelistic pastor.

A. W. Tozer, American pastor.

Tozer’s no-nonsense writing brings us back to the roots of Christian life, focusing on a life of worship, holiness, and sincerity.

Samuel Zwemer, Dutch-American mobilizer of missions to Muslims, author of more than 50 books.

We have published two of Zwemer’s books, in addition to his biography, Apostle to Islam.