The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series

The biggest project we have underway right now at Pioneer Library is the F. W. Boreham Reprint Series. This will be a matching thirty-volume set of the devotional works of F. W. Boreham. The full set will come in matte paperback in a color-alternating pattern between red, green, and blue, with each volume numbered on the back. These are not machine-copied facsimiles; every book is attractively typeset by hand and professionally proofread with tender loving care.

Below is a full list of the thirty volumes that are currently in the works, with links to those that are in print.

The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series

  1. The Whisper of God
  2. The Luggage of Life
  3. Mountains in the Mist
  4. The Golden Milestone
  5. Mushrooms on the Moor
  6. Faces in the Fire
  7. The Other Side of the Hill
  8. The Silver Shadow
  9. The Uttermost Star
  10. A Bunch of Everlastings
  11. A Reel of Rainbow
  12. The Home of the Echoes
  13. A Handful of Stars
  14. Shadows on the Wall
  15. Rubble and Roseleaves
  16. A Casket of Cameos
  17. Wisps of Wildfire
  18. The Crystal Pointers
  19. A Tuft of Comet’s Hair
  20. The Nest of Spears
  21. The Fiery Crags
  22. A Temple of Topaz
  23. The Three Half-Moons
  24. The Blue Flame
  25. When the Swans Fly High
  26. A Witch’s Brewing
  27. The Drums of Dawn
  28. The Ivory Spires
  29. The Ships of Pearl
  30. The Passing of John Broadbanks